Multicurrency IBAN with Migom Bank™: easier and faster way to make international payments

  • Posted on Jul 20,2021

Receiving and sending payments related to international business transactions has become an increasingly complex matter, associated with blocked accounts and frozen payments for unexplained reasons, as well as standard problems like long delivery time, low transaction limits and mistakes.

Migom Bank™ offer a solution for its clients: dedicated multi-currency IBAN accounts, both SEPA and SWIFT enabled, with higher transaction limits. Even though Migom Bank™ adheres to the strictest AML and compliance regulations, we are proud to be business-driven, particularly in facilitating international business payments.

What is IBAN?

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a standard, internationally adopted numbering system designed to easily identify an individual account involved in the international transaction, a bank and a country it belongs to. It simplifies the transactions and payment verification.

IBAN is attached to accounts in the EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Hungary.

Why to get IBAN?

Your IBAN is a unique identifier (up to 34 digits) that you need to conduct international payments in a faster, safer and more efficient manner.

  • Accelerated money transfers to and from your dedicated IBAN account
  • Reduced time on payments by eliminating the lengthy documents provision stage
  • Superior security
  • Avoiding errors

IBAN can be used to make and receive payments and fund transfers from both countries that have adopted IBAN and that have not.

Dedicated IBAN with Migom Bank™

Migom Bank™ offers a cheaper, faster way to send money abroad by opening dedicated multi currency IBAN accounts, SEPA and SWIFT enabled.

We offer two options for our clients:

  • United Kingdom SWIFT IBAN (GB country code)
  • Lithuania SEPA IBAN (LT country code)

Migom Bank™ provides:

  • deal-oriented, business-driven approach to compliance and facilitating international business payments
  • speed & access: transfers may take minutes
  • top level security, enabled by fraud protection and 24/7 transaction monitoring
  • higher transaction limits
  • batch vendor payments & group clients invoicing, enabled by the custom built-in interface

Migom Bank™ is fully compliant and regulated by FCA and the Commonwealth Republic of Dominica. See the full set of licenses here.

We provide the most time- and cost-effective solution for our clients needs, be it a complex multi-party L/C or a batch or large-amount wires to be sent to your vendors around the world.

What currencies are available for IBAN?

IBAN is available for clients who work with the following currencies:



The Middle East and Africa: ​ILS, TRL, AED, ZAR

How to get started?

You have to pass the standard onboarding process with Migom Bank™ and an additional check to get your dedicated IBAN account in a matter of days.

Learn more in a live chat with a manager at Migom Bank™ website, 24/7 in real time.


Migom Bank™ offers fully digital banking experience, deal-oriented compliance, higher transaction limits and custom-tailored flexible solutions to help you make most out of the unfolding market situation.