Introducing QR code payments

  • Posted on Jul 20,2021

A new Migom Bank update: the banking application now enables clients to pay an invoice in one click, by simply scanning a QR code. The extended account operations tab in the main menu now offers two additional options: creating and paying an invoice with a QR code.

You can create an invoice with a QR code to send it to your partners for an instant payment.

Paying the invoice: how it works

Step 1. Receive an invoice with an automatically generated QR code



Step 2. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone

Step 3. Review the invoice information


Step 4. Review the payment details

At this stage you can see the payments details, including fees that apply, and choose the account to make the payment from.

Step 5. Choose the account to pay from

Step 6. After scanning: confirm the payment


Step 7: Success!

About Migom Bank

Migom Bank is a Global Bank for Emerging Markets offering a full suite of e-banking services tailored for the needs of small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs. Migom Bank is fully licensed to provide cryptocurrency-related services, deal-oriented compliance, higher private banking limits and custom-tailored flexible solutions to help its clients make most out of the unfolding market situation.